CamBomb Food Reviews - Steamed Noodles with Spicy Pork


Airport food. The bane of travelers from all over the world…or is it? We here in the United States are greeted with the usual fast food, crappy sit down joints that charge you an arm and a leg for sub-par meals that you constantly have to worry about whether or not you have the time to eat or will you miss your flight. Places like Japan and China are pretty game changing with this kinda thing.

Info About the Food

Category: Main Dish

Name of Product: Steamed Noodles with Spicy Pork

Country of Origin: Beijing, China

CamBomb Tasty Rating (1-10): Korean Potato Pancake – 5 out of 10


Steamed Noodles with Spicy Pork

The dreaded airport food! You usually expect it to be some random thing that has been sitting under a heating lamp for a couple hours, tossed into a bag and handed to you for about half of what your mortgage costs. However, when we arrived at the Beijing Airport (where we had something like a 10 hour layover) we of course decided to snag some grub. So we went over to the food area and found a few stalls we were interested in. One dish we landed on was this noodle and pork soup.

It looked promising, smelled really good and it looked fresh. Which is great, because they make the noodles to order and it comes out VERY fast. The pork was already prepped and whatnot as it was some sort of stewed spicy pork that was sitting in a huge fatty vat of stuff…some magical emulsion of deliciousness I like to think.

So, this was actually one of the first foods I tried in China, albeit was at the airport, I was very excited to try it. It really wasn’t any thing special, but I’d been traveling for 24 hours at that point so anything was better than nothing at this point.

It wasn’t bad, however it BURNED MY MOUTH! Rookie mistake, but that combined with the expensive price sort killed it for me. The flavor itself was just kinda ok. I’d call it average. The pork was decently cooked so it wasn’t very chew which is good. It was kinda skimpy on the amount of meat in the dish, but it was pretty refreshing having some soup after such a long flight. So, a few things aside, I enjoyed the dish, although it certainly isn’t my favorite thing in the world.


Burned mouth + skimpy amounts of meat + very expensive = a 6 out of 10. I’d call the dish average, maybe slightly above but for the price, in mainland China you get MUCH better food and a much larger quantity. The airport cost strikes again, but hey, still better than most American airports.

CamBomb Food Reviews - Steamed Noodles with Spicy Pork