Have you ever had tofu soup? Sure there is a bit of tofu in your local American Chinese food take out & delivery, but real tofu in some soup that is dedicated to bringing out the flavor and text of tofu? Well – I hadn’t really either until this spicy tofu soup!

Info About the Food

Category: Main Dish

Name of Product: Korean Spicy Tofu Soup

Country of Origin: Yanji, China

CamBomb Tasty Rating (1-10): Korean Spicy Tofu Soup – 7 out of 10


Korean Spicy Tofu Soup

Tofu is one of those things where it wasn’t really available to me growing up, so my adventures into the tofu world have begun much later in life. I believe that’s probably changed for people now days as the world is much more connected than it use to be, and various food varieties are widely accepted and available.

While in Yanji, China – on the border of North Korea, they have quite a bit of Korean cuisine cross over due to how close it is to the border (think the edge of Vermont and Canada where you can get good poutine!). So, in this particular instance I had the opportunity to try some spicy Korean tofu soup.  I actually don’t know the name of this by the way, I accidentally forgot to write it down, i’ll have to inquire with my family about what it was – so expect an update at some point.

HOWEVER – The review itself – the tofu fell apart, which i’m not really a big fan of it turns out. I had started trying more tofu while in China and found I actually like the tofu texture to be a bit more stiff. Flavor itself was a bit off on this one which I think had to do with some strange pickling that it had going on. To describe it, it was salty & pickley type of flavor and the tofu kept disintegrating if you touched it.


I’d put this around a 4 out of 10. I’d been trying quite a few items while in China that were Korean inspired or were authentic Korean dishes but this one really wasn’t doing it for me. I mean, i’d eat it if someone said “Here ya go!” but I probably wouldn’t choose it.

CamBomb Food Review - Spicy Korean Tofu Soup