cambomb cooks - pan fried mackerl


What we have here is Pan Fried Mackerel. Another dish from Yanji China that has Korean origins. I have quite a few dishes that I had while in Yanji, so if you’d like to see the full listing of Yanji reviews click here: Yanji Food Reviews.

Info About the Food

Category: Main Dish

Name of Product: Pan Fried Mackerl

Country of Origin: Yanji, China

CamBomb Tasty Rating (1-10): Pan Fried Mackerel – 7 out of 10


Pan Fried Mackerel

Ole CamBomb isn’t a huge fish person. I didn’t grow up with it. I don’t consider fish sticks to actually be fish – so I can really say that I had fish maybe a few times growing up, so I never acquired the taste. However, this particular dish I tried and really didn’t mind it. It had really good spicy pepper flavor infused into it, and only had a hint of fishiness to it. That’s probably my biggest turn off for fish, ironically, its the fishy flavor that I don’t like.

This one had it cooked out somehow, and the savory flavor mixed with those spicy peppers was surprisingly good. For all of you folks like me who don’t really like fish, I will say this – continue to try fish even if you know you don’t like it, because there will come a time where you actually will encounter a style of cooking that works well on fish! Its very healthy, so stick with it. Plus think of all the dishes you won’t be able to enjoy if you don’t at least try it – a lot of fish dishes out there.


While i’m not a fish lover, this particular pan fried style with spicy hot peppers created a pretty nice savory flavor into the fish and also somehow removed most of the fishy flavor. I don’t know much about fish – so I don’t know if mackerel is a really fishy fish or not. But I enjoyed this – 7 out of 10.

cambomb cooks - pan fried mackerl