pickled garlic and kimchi


Pictured here is Kimchi and Pickled Garlic.This was a dish served to you while you were waiting for food at one of the many sit down restaurants that I went to while in Northern China. So pretty common to get this kinda stuff.

Sometimes you pay, sometimes you don’t. It seems kinda random as to when you get it for free.

Info About the Food

Category: Side Dish

Name of Product: Pickled Garlic & Kimchi

Country of Origin: Yanji, China

CamBomb Tasty Rating (1-10):
Kimchi – 9 | Pickled Garlic – 6


Kimchi & Pickled Garlic


I really enjoyed the Kimchi. In fact it was some of the best I’ve ever actually had. Had a very good flavor and really crisp snap to it. I feel like sometimes you just don’t get a good snap in the kimchi, which, for me is something I happen to really enjoy. Although I’m not sure if that is “authentic” or not, if it has that snap. But, I tend to like crispy things like that so this was a bonus for me.

Pickled Garlic:

This was a bit of a let down for me. After enjoying the kimchi so much I thought that the pickled garlic was going to be a home run – nope. Pretty average and just about below I’d say. I think it had some turnip in there, and some type of cabbage in it to. I’m wondering if those other parts of the dish kinda threw off the garlic itself? Maybe!


All in all – I enjoyed both of these side dishes though – obviously the kimchi more than the pickled garlic :)

Pickled Garlic and Kimchi